Monday, April 03, 2017

April Meeting Information

Hi Guys!
We had Book Club Wednesday, March 29 at Kathy McDonnel's Beautiful home to discuss "A Mothers Reckoning" by Sue Klebold.  I have to ask Jill if she has the final count of the evaluation..I think it wound up in the 3's.   Jackie did a truly awesome job leading the discussion, and I believe everyone there had something to contribute during the discussion.  For those of you who could not attend, you missed one of the best book club discussions we've ever had.   Although the book is not exactly a "happy read', the topic of young people and depression is one that should be discussed and attended to. 

Next book club is April 26, at Diane Knight's house on Pine Run Court.   7:00PM.  PLEASE let her know if you will be attending...The book we are discussing is "The Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah.   I read it a couple of years ago, and loved it, so I highly recommend it to you.  Irene has graciously offered to lead (Yay, Irene!!)

Snax volunteers are:

white  Donna, Jen
Red:  Marty, Irene
Chardonnay:  Kathy
Sauvignon Blanc:  Nancy

Appetizer:   Marilyn   and need another app!  Help!!  (Grace will be out of town)
Dessert:    Barb and Jill B

If you have any ideas for Jan's 50th anniversary book, please contact her ASAP.

Thanks, all.......see you soon!
P.S.  From Jill - the books rating was 3.4

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